How to track Instagram traffic simply

Instagram is one of the most popular apps. And many companies have their own accounts there. But in Google Analytics we see traffic from Instagram like (direct) / (none). Because GA has not figured out how to track traffic from apps. What we can do in this case?

There is only one place in Instagram with the active link, which can take some traffic to our web site. Here it is:


Any user clicked the link will see the incoming traffic displayed in Google Analytics like that:


This data is really disappointing , as it doesn’t allow you to understand the real amount of traffic and its quality. Moreover we cannot collate this data with traffic from our account on Instagram. So, in this way Instagram looks like some sort of an offline source which is no good.

We can solve this problem with simple redirect.

You should create a link like this (or similar to this one) and add it to our Instagram account. Or you can create a special landing page for your Instagram followers and put some call to the link, like this:

It is going to look like this:


Then set 301 redirect to the link with utm parameters, which will guide the users to your web site.

You can create this link with a handy tool which is URL builder by Google.

We need only three required parameters:


Finally, link will look like this:

We can make 301 redirect by differents ways. For instance, by editing .htaccess file:

It is much more elegant way to track traffic from Instagram, than using very long URL with bunch of inexplicable symbols for an average user. Look at this:


Or using some short URL (, as well. This is not very good for your brand:


On the one hand we have good-looking link with domain of our website, on the other hand we have traffic, which we can identify.

Finally, we need to set up a custom report, segment or a dashboard:



Enjoi it!


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